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You know your website really well and are very familiar with the products and services you provide. This is not the case for your potential customers – so the challenge is:

  • to look at your website critically
  • to not make assumptions about your customers
  • to ensure that your website is user-friendly
  • to bring potential customers to your website and keep them coming back
  • to choose the right social media and marketing campaigns to support you in this.


There are a number of online tools that you can use to test your website’s usability.  They do have a role to play, but they do not provide the level of information that you can get from a proper Functionality and Usability Review that we will carry out on your behalf.

An EdITCon Functionality and Usability Review:

  • is tailored to your specific products and services
  • uses independent reviewers from a variety of professional and technical backgrounds
  • will provide you with a report which outlines their finding and highlights potential problems
  • can make suggestions on obvious changes that can be made to improve your website
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