An effective website can compare it with a well-built, aesthetically pleasing building. It is built for purpose, it has a structure and specific layout, and can be visited by many people needing a service or to buy products.

An effective website is like a well-built, aesthetically pleasing building.

Apart from a website being pleasantly colour coded with appealing business branding and images, there is much more to consider for an effective website before it serves its purpose.

The purpose is when a website can help you ensure you can continue to sell your products or provide services even when you are busy. New clients or customers use your website to engage with you so that you can grow your business and income.

As structure and layout serve a business your website layout represents your voice and business style.  When new customers or clients visit your website, they look around and do their research before they decide to buy a product or use your services.

Why so much intent on content and layout? This is the way to make your credibility, customer testimonials, and service or product descriptions work for you.  This helps to pave the way to a focussed call to action on your services or products.

And where do domain and hosting fit in? This is the foundation that ensures consistent website functionality and security features.

Effective and pleasing website showing good layout

Behind the scenes but vital is Search Engine Optimisation. Now, this is like plumbing and electricity – you open the tap, and switch on the light but think about how much needs to be in place before that can just so easily happen.   Every word on your website, credentials, call to action, newsletter, blog article forms, social media campaigns serves to reach out to customers and clients so that they can take action and use your services or buy a product.

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