8 Very Basic Top Tips for SEO

October 18, 2022

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These very basic SEO tips are invaluable for your SEO plan of action. We hope that these SEO related articles will bring better understanding of how you can structure and improve your website content for SEO.  Furthermore, you will gain more basic knowledge of how this and search engines can work together to ensure that your website content will rank better by offering quality search results for users search queries.

1. Write for Readers, and not for Search Engines.

Never sacrifice readability for SEO. This is the first rule for good SEO so that Google Search can deliver quality information to user’s search queries.

2. Page with Purpose

Each page has its own specific purpose which is evident in Page title, H1 heading, meta description (meta tags) and page content. These are the page essentials needed for SEO.

3. First Paragraph

Focus on the first paragraph so that content here relates to the Page title and Heading 1. This is vital to provide content in context.

4. Know your Keywords

Use words that you would use to search for content on your website. Research and know the search phrases that your customers will use when they search on the internet.  Consider the importance of meta tags.

5. Don’t write Duplicate Copy

This will affect your Google Search rankings negatively and this does not provide quality information for your readers.  This will  in turn undermine your business credibility. Search engines are continuously updated and more sophisticated to find topics and content in the right context.

6. Page Content as a Solution

Address your potential customer’s needs. Make sure that your on-page content answers the most frequently asked questions online.

7. Look at ‘People Also Ask’

Consider what ‘People Also Ask’ (PAA) on the Search Engines Page Results to get ideas on how to write your content.

8. Keyword Density on your Webpage

Keep keyword density low i.e. 5-10% on a page. (Number of keywords / total amount of page text)

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